Who we are:

We are volunteers.  We are men and women anywhere in age from 18 to well into our 70’s.  We are writers, students, teachers, carpenters, musicians, technicians.  We drive cars, vans, trucks. We come from all walks of life.  We are your neighbors.  We are members of the BCDSR because we want to help our community.

What we do:  

We direct traffic around accidents, downed wires, and special events.  We patrol communities as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Department.  We assist officers by waiting for tow trucks freeing them up to take care of matters requiring a sworn officer.


 The Deputy Sheriff’s Reserve was founded in 1971 by then-Sheriff Charles Calvin Bayer. They were founded as a volunteer organization designed to work with the sheriff’s department and assist as needed.

The Reserves provide hundreds of hours each month at no charge to the community. They provide countless hours directing traffic at special events and around traffic accidents and road hazards.  

If you can spare at least 10 hours a month, please consider volunteering.

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